“In a way, for people to fully understand my music, they need to know the narrative of the last six years of my life,” says Porter Robinson, of the leap he’s made from electro-house producer to genre-busting musician.

That music can be heard on his first studio album, Worlds (Astralwerks/Virgin EMI), a journey through textural synth-pop. It has, at turns, been called “gorgeous” (New York Times), “delightful” (Rolling Stone), and “imaginative” (NPR). And with more than 185 million album streams under his belt, 100,000+ in ticket sales for his 2014 Worlds Live tour, plus triumphant headline appearances across the global festival circuit with his groundbreaking live show; Porter’s fans have stood by him in kind. Some, admittedly, more emphatically than others.

“I see people getting tattoos of my logo, my lyrics, my signature now!” Porter marvels. “It’s very high praise, for sure. It’s not something that you can prepare yourself for.” Although Porter dropped Worlds as a confident artistic statement, he honestly wasn’t sure if even his most devoted supporters would see his vision. “The praise has been vindicating,” he says, relieved. “I expected more resistance from my fans in terms of keeping a certain sound. But they fully embraced this.”

What’s now come full circle began a few years back, when Porter turned down countless DJ offers to devote himself to introspection and reinvention. “I figured that one way to develop a unique identity as an artist would be to combine all my favorite things in music — it would result in a collective expression of my taste and experience. Something nobody else has.”

And thus began Worlds, a cinematic excursion that commingles Porter’s technological prowess with his love of evocative melody.

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